16 steps to treat depression


Although drug therapy is very important in the treatment of depression, don’t forget that behavioral therapy competes in importance to eliminate these disorders.  Therefore, there are many behavioral remedial steps have positive results which greatly help in getting rid of depression.  These steps are:

1. Maintaining a positive behavior and attitude in all the work you do allows you to convince yourself that your mood will improve and you are going to be better in a while.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating and exercise, and stay away from smoking and alcohol

3. Set a time to go to bed and to wake-up and adhere to this schedule.  Don’t compromise on those dates which you should consider important dates.  Don’t drag your heels in order to postpone!

4. Try to get enough sleep, but not more than 9 hours.  Try to be sure your bedroom is quiet and comfortable.

5. For 5 hours before bedtime, try to stay away from alcohol and stimulant drinks that contain caffeine, so as not to adversely affect getting to sleep.

6. Do not play sports in the evening because the best time to play is in the early morning.  Sports have very significant benefits, especially when it’s a part of regular exercise.

7. Carry yourself a reasonable amount of responsibility, and establish real targets you want to reach.  Don’t stand still, think of making a change in yourself and those around you.

8. Be logical and rational when it comes to dealing with everyday issues, and be aware of what are you capable of and what you can’t so you don’t become frustrated and be on the right track for success

9. Try to address everyday problems first hand and don’t delay addressing any problems so you do not accrue and generate, stress, tension and anger later.

10. Learn relaxation techniques and try to stay out of trouble and having negative feelings that increase stress and depression.

11. Try to stay away from harmful mental health foods and replace them with healthy foods through your mental health diet.

12. Try to postpone your life decisions such as marriage or change jobs when you are depressed. But, if that decision is a cause of the depression, you have the obligation to examine the problem and try to solve it, with the least damage, so as not to increase tension and depression.

13. Try to share your feelings with someone you trust who is close to you… And don’t make him feel boredom of you and your feelings, so as not to flee from you 

14. Participation in social and recreational activities such as trips, travel and recreation has a lift on morale.

15. Try not to sit alone to get away from the others and avoid negative thinking as it does not help to regret the past

16. Smile!, the secret of life is a smile and watch your feeling as it is the key to self-confidence


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