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Out of the blue, you feel it coming on. Panic is an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and terror that comes on out of nowhere. The uncontrollable fear and trepidation can leave you feeling terrified and helpless. Unlike fear and panic that comes from a definable cause, a panic attack can come on when you least expect it. Their unpredictability is what makes them so scary. Your heart begins to pound, you gasp for air and tremble. You may feel lightheaded, dizzy or faint. You may feel short of breath and have chest tightness. The symptoms of panic attacks vary from person to person but they’re almost always frightening.

Some people fear they’re “going crazy” or are in danger of losing control or dying when panic strikes. As a result, some people fear a panic attack will come on when they’re away from home. As a result, they’re afraid to go out in public. This phenomenon is called anticipatory anxiety and is common in people with panic attacks. Sound familiar? Panic attacks can negatively affect every area of your life. Some people even become housebound as a result of fear and panic. If you’re suffering from panic attacks, isn’t it time to stop them in their tracks?

60-Second Panic Solution helps you regain control of your life – and your panic attacks. This 145-page easy-to-understand guide in e-book format takes you by the hand and guides you down the path to recovery. It shows you step by step how to turn off the “panic button” – naturally, without medications. First, you’ll identify what’s triggering your panic attacks. The triggers differ from person to person. You’ll then learn how to recognize when a panic attack is coming on and, most importantly, how to take control of panic attacks so they lose their power over you.


The book takes a very detailed 3-step, “no holds barred” approach to helping you conquer panic attacks. Nothing is left to chance. Each step is clearly explained in a way you can understand and immediately put into practice. Once you’ve implemented the steps, you’ll be able to use a 60-second “trick” to knock out a panic attack before it even gets started.
As a licensed therapist, the author, Anna Gibson-Steel, of 60-Second Panic Solution is uniquely qualified to help you deal with panic. She’s already helped thousands of people deal with panic with her unique 3-step program. The author herself suffered from debilitating panic attacks and knows what it’s like to feel helpless and out of control. When she was unable to find help for her own anxiety and panic, she became her own therapist, methodically testing and discovering what works for conquering panic attacks. She can help you regain control too.

No matter how often you have panic attacks or how “hopeless” you think your situation is, you’re not alone. Six million people suffer from panic attacks. Some take medications that have side effects like drowsiness and dry mouth to help control panic. Many experience no improvement even with medications. 60-Second Panic Solution takes a natural, drug-free approach to conquering panic. The only “side effect” you’ll have is a feeling of having greater control over your body.

Are you ready to take control over your panic? Then let Anna Gibson-Steel guide you down the path to greater serenity. After using the program, most people experience improvements within days to weeks. This book will empower you and lead you down the road to permanent relief from panic attacks. The 60-second technique the author describes for stopping panic attacks before they start is worth the cost of the e-book alone. The information in the book is easy to read and put into practice – so you can begin experiencing relief from panic attacks quickly.

What’s the next step? Don’t let panic attacks control you – take control of them with the help of Anna Gibson-Steel and 60-Second Panic Solution.

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