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The different signs and symptoms of Toddler separation anxiety in children.


There are a large number of parents who gets worried when they notice toddler separation anxiety in their children. This is a condition that generally manifest in babies around 8 to 9 months and it continues till three years of age. Many children tend to cry when their parents leaves them in any unfamiliar environment. It is also a cause of distress for many parents as they feel guilty about spoiling their child or damaging the psychology of their child. But on the contrary there is no need to… Continue reading

Causes of anxiety during pregnancy and how to cope with it


Anxiety is the ability to feel nervous, fear and/ or worry about a bad event that you anticipate to have a high possibility of occurring or even when you expect the occurrence of an event that does not necessarily have to produce a negative effect such as pregnancy. Pregnancy delivers one of the most pulchritude news in a person’s life of being able to welcome a new child into this world. Even though this may not be a shared positive event of life for others, both groups of pregnant… Continue reading

Top 10 Herbs for Anxiety

Many people are suffering from anxiety today. This situation can be caused by many different factors, such as high stress level, unstable hormone, insomnia, and some other health issues. This problem should be treated immediately, so it doesn’t cause any other health problems in the future.

There are some herbs for anxiety. Many people are interested with these herbs because they are made from natural ingredients. They are safe for human consumption because they don’t cause any negative side effects on the users. Here are some recommended products that people… Continue reading

Understanding Anxiety Disorder NOS

Anxiety Disorder NOS ” Not Otherwise Specified “

There are many people who experience problems with a variety of different types of disorders that can create distress and leave them feeling panicked or anxious; however, for some people, their anxious feelings cannot be attributed to a specific type of disorder. For example, some individuals suffer from specific phobias or experience panic attacks when faced with certain situations. While these conditions are definitely distressing and can even be debilitating, there are some people with NOS or not otherwise specified anxiety… Continue reading

All You Wanted To Know About Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety and anxiety disorders

It’s been a difficult day at work. Your boss has been riding your back about a project and the deadline is fast approaching. On top of that, you’ve got a cranky partner who is complaining about your long work hours and general absence. The pressure is getting to you and one fine day, all-of-a-sudden, with no advance warning, you start feeling breathless, nervous, scared and apprehensive. The feeling starts to increase in intensity and you feel paralyzed with fear and apprehension. You cannot understand what is happening and you fear… Continue reading

General Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Is the mental illness which is most prevalent among the people,young and old, male and female, it doesn’t know small or big .

So what anxiety means in reality? And what is the anxiety disorder and what can be produced from it?

What is general anxiety disorder

The human nature that he has fear in his life and the existence of this thing is the basic of life, without fear, the child will not go to the school, and without fear , the worker will not go to his… Continue reading