General Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Is the mental illness which is most prevalent among the people,young and old, male and female, it doesn’t know small or big .

So what anxiety means in reality? And what is the anxiety disorder and what can be produced from it?

What is general anxiety disorder

The human nature that he has fear in his life and the existence of this thing is the basic of life, without fear, the child will not go to the school, and without fear , the worker will not go to his work, without fear, the patient will not be careful and without fear the student will not succeed in his exams.

We should be afraid in order to avoid mistakes in our lives and be in the right way to live in it

But if this fear increased more than the usual then here is the biggest problem!! Ideas and delusions infect the person by expecting something will happen to him,, gives it all his thinking and all his nerves, so he couldn’t work , study , think or even practice his life normally

He doesn’t want to travel by plane for his fear it might fall,, doesn’t want to work for fear of people,, fears the death so he doesn’t go out from home, fears of the future so he doesn’t want to spend money for fear of bankruptcy, fear of marriage, fear of losing a thing,, fear of something or every thing

This is anxiety!!

General Anxiety Disordergeneral anxiety disorder symptoms and causes

If we checked the causes of anxiety in general we notice the existence of social reasons accompany the patient from sadness or separation or divorce. Or physical causes as someone got infected by specific disease or similar situation over the period of his life made him afraid,, or behavioral reasons as the person is subjected to the process of beating or punishment or sexual abuse or persecution …or genetic reasons with the existence of genes carries this diseases from parents , grandparents and relatives.

There are some cases can be put under this title (anxiety) and they are diseases itself and needs treatment after it was illusions and ideas and then it evolved and became psychiatric cases due to many reasons in which the patient should have avoided it from the beginning .

From this cases …,phobia or social anxiety.., panic attacks.., obsessive compulsive disorder .., fear of wide or open places,, depression and other cases of less severe cases.

If we imagined these cases we will find that it is distracting the mind with something or undesirable thoughts and we know all about it but we still continue to distract it because we don’t know why !!!

Symptoms of anxiety or anxiety disorder as it better to be said is associated with the same physical and behavioral symptoms which affects the patient in the cases mentioned earlier of chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, high blood pressure, headaches , stomach ache and disorders, sweating in the face and hands, increased heart beats, dizziness….etc.

The behavioral symptoms affecting the patient is a sleep disorder, lack of concentration due to intensity of concern, thinking about something,, disturbance in the times of eating , the inability to make decisions.

These are all symptoms associated the patient who has concern or anxiety,, and turns into a person with disorders in one of the cases mentioned earlier if he didn’t find the proper way to get rid of those ideas that and face it even with medical or behavioral treatment.

The anxiety remains the master of those diseases and remains the locker on those cases which we will talk about it, hoping the recovery from this anxiety and other diseases by some of the beneficial behavioral treatments with a positive impact on the heal of the patient and the development of the treatment.

For me in my turn I will offer some tips which we all must use in our daily lives and to be on prevention before looking for the treatment to be a bulwark against attacks

Ten commandments I will share with you in order to lessen the severity of anxiety on yourself


First: try to forger with all your strength and determination and don’t yield to the thoughts that comes to and concerns you

Second: make yourself busy by doing something you like and be enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic

Third: don’t be isolated from the social relations..participate,,talk and enjoy

Fourth : don’t be weak and demean yourself but trust yourself, progress and raise your head

Fifth: don’t think about the past and never regret it, think about the future and never be afraid from it

Sixth: you have to live your life and give yourself the priority and don’t care about what is happening around you

Seventh: stay away from your useless and passive friends ,, search for the ambitious and the positive ones

Eighth: don’t give up , life is sorrows and joys , face the difficulties and don’t stop at a problem.,life will not stop

Ninth: make yourself a daily program from which you can adjust to the life you want

Tenth: make the smile always accompanies you as it is the challenging weapon in this life

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