How can you manage your time?


What are the benefits of managing the time?

Unfortunately some of us don’t know the value of his life and don’t know how to manage our selves, do you can see a person in the end of the day with nothing useful he did all the day and the same thing in the rest of his days till he find himself wasted months and years of his life for nothing in return.

I am writing now to send a message to specially those who are suffering from depression and those who are suffering from the void and the long unused time while other people are suffering from the lack or shortness of time, so how is that? And what is the reason for that?

Managing the time means creating the balance in the person’s life between the duties,goals,desires, and getting the most benefits from the time wasted in something with no values or meaning and trying to fill the void which causes the depression every day, so we can get a positive results which can be a way to get out from the crisis of depression which affect the youth nowadays.

Depression creates frustration to the person and a huge energy will be generated so it has to be discharged in different ways and this is the main problem as we don’t need that energy to remain inside the patient so his actions don’t return to be eruption and uncontrolled actions, that’s why we have to organize our time for many reasons such as getting rid of the free or void time , helping to treat the depression, discharging the energy within the body and the mind of the patient, and also building the self-confidence to the patient so he can be on the right track of the successful treatment.

The best programs in the time management are those that are put by the person himself, based on the needs which he can know it better than anyone else, the stressed times he passes by through the day, choosing the appropriate time to begin the program , so he would be the best one to put that program, and there is no problem for taking some opinions from the people around him, specially the close people to him only from the family, and stay away as much as possible from friends in this case.


What should I do ?

Try to begin your daily program by waking up early and immediately ,don’t let yourself think about anything when you wake up while you are still on the bed, this point has to be taken in consideration and seriously because we don’t want to keep thinking and get back to the morning depression which is going to affect you negatively all the day. you need to take a hot shower for about half an hour which is so important to relax your muscles and calm your nerves and it is considered anti-emotion in the time you are nervous in the morning and it reduces it.

The morning breakfast is very useful in building the body and the brain cells and also providing the body with energy throughout the day, and I advise on focusing on the honey, milk, fruits and cheese., also try to be away from the coffee and tea as much as you can so you get the benefits from the mineral and proteins needed for the body building.

Exercises are essential to the revitalization of the body and it activates the brain cells in human beings and also it is very important to combat laziness which could be the reason for the person’s progress towards success .

Discharging the physical and the mental energy in doing useful work such as : work-tool making or the dismantling of a particular device and then reinstalling it or as you wish from the things you find useful , but the physical energy can be discharged by: swimming ,playing football, helping in the house cleaning, the house garden arrangement or as you wish from the things you can do,

You have to go out in the morning or at night to the parks and gardens , breath the fresh air and walk for an hour a day, it keeps your spirits high, it renews your hope and activity and it changes the tough routine which most of the people suffer from .

Those were some of the main points that should be punctuated by your daily program to save your time, and after that you should put a pen and a paper in your pocket and begin to write down how would you like your daily time to pass, and that includes work, relative’s and friend’s visit, waking up and sleeping hours, hiking and travel times and taking care of the home, the family … etc.

This is one of the treatment programs that the people who are suffering from depression and frustration would need and be confidence that you and only you can make the change and you are the only one who is able to get out of what you feel, just if you want to make the change and a progress to a better life.

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