Major depressive disorder

The studies show that among every 100 person there are 10 persons affected in any society in the world  and 70-80% of the patients can get recovered

What is depression

It is a state of mood in thoughts and behaviors within the person, its main reason is the subconscious in the head which makes him feel the sadness, depression ,frustration and pessimism in the various areas of life , affect him negatively and makes him in isolation so he can’t progress or even delay till he feels that he is a load or burden on himself and on the other people around him.

Major depressive disorder

Signs and symptoms of depression:

Appears on the patient rapid change in his behavior, including physical, psychological or behavioral changes, we have to mention that the signs of depression are many and can be observed on the person through several changes like

Effects of depression

Eating disorder: the patients suffer lack of balance in the times of hunger, some of them lose their appetite and feels that he wants to vomit and some of them eats more than usual and more than his normal.

Sleeping disorder: the signs can be different here, depends on the patient’s age and the sex, as we find some people are suffering from insomnia and the inability to sleep or vice versa, some teenagers don’t know the mean of waking up, so they sleep deeply and more than the normal which is estimated to be 8-9 hours, and we can see that they are having hallucination and mania during their sleep.

The intellectual turbulence : you find the person most of the time is busy thinking , what is he thinking of? He is thinking about the past and regret it while there is really nothing serious to regret about, he thinks about the future a lot, degrades himself and makes himself carry sins which he didn’t do, and he thinks that he is the cause of his condition and the other’s as well, he can be nervous, irritable, forgets quickly , can’t focus and has no ability to take decisions.

The psychological turbulence :  the patient at this time doesn’t feel that anything can make him happy, therefore he loses the enjoyment of life and loses the happiness, he looks at life with a pessimistic look and feels frustrated when he links the past with the future and usually at this time he feels bored and feels that the void is chasing him in all the places.

Physical disorder : such as dizziness , fatigue without any effort, loss of sexual ability , headaches, vomiting and high blood pressure.


Causes of depression:

It is due to several factors that have influence on the path of the patient and it can be summarized

Organic causes: serotonin: and it is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system in the human body and it is composed of chemical artifacts which makes balance for the mood, happiness and joy in the body of the human, so weakness of this neurotransmitter has a negative effect on the patient where the patient becomes in the case of pessimism, sadness and depression,

And to ensure positive results we should control the serotonin by drugs, food and nutrients that works on increasing its productivity and effect

Genetic factors : genetic factors as studies shows that depression it can affect the sons by around 30%, if one of the parents or grandparents was carrying this genetic traits, like any other mental illness , genes and genetic traits can be inherited.

Behavioral factors: these are the factors which allows the  disease to affect the patient easily, like if the person is defeatist and tends to surrender quickly , and he can’t afford the variables of life and its problems, or he could be subjected to psychological or physical abuse or persecution which affects him in some period of his life

These are some of the causes and effects that work on planting the depression in the human and works to exacerbate his problem so to begin a journey of suffering which may leads to a suicide in most of the times as the patient can’t find another way to get rid of the pain in his life.

Depression treatment

After we knew the causes of this social wide speeded disease,, we must pause to find a solution for this dreaded disease, and the secrets of its recovery is the following

Activating the serotonin substance with some triple and quadruple loops drugs ( see the doctor) and the special medications which in turn activate the chemicals in the neurotransmitter, and also antidepressants which works on inhibiting the monoamine enzyme , and we recommend this treatments under the supervision and review of a specialist doctor because of their side effects to the patient through doses and amounts disbursed.

Behavioral therapy  because of its positive impact for the progress in the treatment and the ability to control the individual action, and here the role of the family is necessary in this important process to follow up the patient and make progress for the food, the sleep and the entertainment and helping him to get rid of his plight and try to provide suitable environment for the patient’s comfort and avoids as much as possible to irritate the patient with the life’s problems around him, specially family problems

Food and beverages have a strong influence on the patients treatment, and following a specific diet and eat more food which contains carbohydrates , grains, cheese, turkey. Bananas, pineapple, cherries and sweets which compensate the brain cells, hormones, enzymes and activate the serotonin in the nervous system.

We have to mention at the end that depression begins accompanied by the person after his adulthood, particularly in the age at which he requires to begin building his future and deviate determination, which is from the age 22-40, we find also that women are depressed more than men, especially in the first stages of marriage and the stage of pregnancy, we don’t have to underestimate this disease and there is urgent need for the treatment because we know that it is the only disease of all diseases which may lead to a suicide .


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