Manufactured food vs Natural food

Manufactured food vs Natural food

What is the difference between human’s diet today and human’s diet in the past?

One must evaluate our ancestor’s diet in order to tackle this question. Did they suffer from any physical or physiological illnesses? Certainly, they did not have any disorders because of the best type of food: natural food. Our ancestors did not eat manufactured food, hence their good health. Scientists have confirmed that those who eat natural food, consisting of fish, fruit and vegetables, are less likely to have a psychological illness compared to those who eat manufactured food like tinned food. Two thousand teenagers partook in a research to observe the effects of both a natural diet and a diet consisting of manufactured food; the teenagers had been divided into these two groups

60% of the people who had a diet consisting of manufactured foods suffered from depression and anxiety, whereas 20% of people who had a natural diet suffered from depression and anxiety. From the research, one can arrive to the conclusion that a natural diet leads to calmness, psychological stability, good health and a longer life.

We can certainly avoid consuming foods that contain a high proportion of fats and proteins that deprive the brain of the hormones which support the neurotransmitter (serotonin). Serotonin is responsible for the clarity of mind and lifts the mood and feeling of happiness, unlike carbohydrates and starches which help the brain to make use of hormones in support of the serotonin. In this modern age , manufactured foods like hotdogs and burgers are common. The preparation of meat is prepared in a new method and the proportion of chemicals is very high in these foods. These Aspects are not socially well known, but they have grave consequences on public and psychological health. Each one of us should try a natural diet; if people follow a natural diet they will feel comfort and relaxation to the body and mind.

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