Obsessive-compulsive disorder

 Compulsory unwanted ideas controls and raises the person and his actions (either for fear or desire) in doing something .

What is obsessive-compulsive disorder

Have you ever seen a person acting without his will? And the behavior is unusual which may lead to craziness? This is the obsessive-compulsive disorder, in which when it infects someone he becomes subjected to criticism and vilification of his actions, and he knows well that he behaves in a wrong way and provoking to the people around him, but this behavior is just a desire or fear of something , which leads the person to think only about this thing and it robs all his interests and thinking.

This case begins to accompany the patient after he gets saturated from the depression case which infected him and the presence of energy which he needs to discharge , so he doesn’t have any way except these ideas which comes to his mind every now and then till he finishes his potential energy which presence in his mind and body, and this cases happens the most in the youth age till the age of 35 , we can’t judge the patient with craziness because this case has a behavioral treatment which can cure the patient completely .


What causes obsessive-compulsive disorder


There are many causes and forms of the obsessive-compulsive disorder , but the main reason for it as we mentioned that it is a subsequent case after the depression, that is because of the shortage if the neurotransmitter which is called serotonin which causes the depression in humans, and the presence of potential energy in the person as he can only discharge it through these wrong actions and with any cost he has to discharge it so he can be back to normal

There is the behavioral construction in which the patient was grown up and associated with him since the childhood and the persecution he suffered from, over controlling his character and personality, beating, reprimands and ignorance. All these things makes the human personality weak and shaken with negative dimensions for the future in the community and on his own…

There is also genetic factor, as in any other mental disease, but this disease can’t be a genetic factor but we can say that the previous factors and reasons will affect and respond to the genetic factor till it becomes a main reason for getting this disease through the person


A quick look on the patient


The patient has a mixed personality, it is a mix of negativity and positivity in the general qualities, it tends to intelligence with a medium rate and he is studious on his work in his home or his work, with focusing on subtleties, so he doesn’t like the apathetic and careless people and he tends to seriousness significantly, his view of life is always pessimistic , with the existence of sadness and depression on his face, you will find him not meaningful in his talking , talks so little because the ideas are always authoritarian in his mind, he has a lot of doubt in himself and the others even the closest people to him, he doesn’t like the social relations and he doesn’t create any chance from his times to enjoy the life, he thinks a lot  in hygiene, he doesn’t trust people around him in these things even if it happened in front of him , stubbornness and despotism in some of the principles and ideas, you can see him sometimes kind hearted and friendly then you can see him hateful and dictatorial with no compassion in his heart,

There are many qualities that we see in the patient and it needs a detailed study so we can reveal the mystery and secrets of his treatment, they are not easy qualities in which any person of us can love we have to stand and give a helping hand to treat and mitigate it.


What are the symptoms of OCD


the obsessive-compulsive symptoms are more behavioral that mental or physical. The basis of problem is the mind and what is resulting from this problem is the behavioral action undertaken by the patient till he feels comfortable, and it comes in several forms and they are

1-movement control :

It is the kinetic movement of the patient he is forced upon thinking that it is inaccurate such as … over-wash the hands frequently with water and soap , taking shower more than a time as he thinks that he is still not clean, wiping the clothes then unfolds and bent it many times, touching his head hair as he thinks there is something on it, changing the shoes position from the bottom to the top or right or left, over-looking into the mirror specially for women and so on.

2-impolsive control:

And it is the force which can’t be controlled and it forces him to do crazy actions.. such as rape and homosexual practice,, igniting the fire in the house, jumping from high places. Breaking the house.. all of these actions are known that they are crazy by its owner but it controls him till he does it and then he can feel comfortable

3-intellectual and imaginative control:

the patient imagines something’s with is not logical and comes with a negatives thoughts in the shape of pictures which he can’t get rid of such as the aeroplane will fall down while I am on it …I will die now or after a while, My hand or legs will be cut…my son will die in the war….my kid will fall down from the house balcony,,, all these imaginations comes to the patient in the shape of a picture chases him from a place to another to make his life as a curse on himself


The treatment of the OCD :

The treatment of the obsessive-impulsive disorder doesn’t happen in a short time except if the patient preserved the treatment correctly and regularly and that treatment is very effective to eliminate this disease. There is a drug therapy which the special doctor can give out in this case of antidepressants and tension associated with the delusions and the serotonin supports causing the depression and helping to ease the burden on that patient

The electroconvulsive therapy or surgery which is not used except in cases of compelling cases which can’t be ignored.

The behavioral therapy and it is the most important one , which in turn make its rules by doing immunity behavior to the patient and faces the ideas which in his mind, by doing a special program the patient can follow it such as relaxing for a long time with creating the good atmosphere for that. Doing a picnic in the morning in the gardens and parks and sit in that quite place,, establishing trips from time to time and changing the place every time,, attending parties and concerts with relatives and friends for no reason and enjoy with them, reading books and magazines. Playing video games and enjoying it


These are some treatments that the patient must take into account to do as well as some other methods that are positive in an attempt to relieve the patient and his treatment…and we don’t forget the role of the family in the formation of this homogenization treatment and taking into account the patient in this trial and to reduce its damages as much as possible with convincing the patient that this ideas are nothing but illusions and will be gone and also taking his hand till he get improved completely from this disease



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