Social phobia


 People in this world are equal, there is no one better than the other, I am like you and you are like me, that’s what you have to know before asking about this case…!!!

What is social phobia?!!

 It is the fear of people for unjustified reasons and it is a cursed case which affects the human being negatively and accompanies him since the childhood specially in the early ages starts from the age of 12 till 19 years of old which we usually call it (Adolescence) this stage which is considered the character building stage for humans.

It is a case before other conditions like the depression, anxiety, panic, fear of the unknown and that is to know that those cases are connected to each other, it can affect the person if he couldn’t find the appropriate treatment for it, we can’t deny that there are some cases affect the person after that age but in the end it is just one case called the social phobia

The signs of this case are many and it is different from one person to the other but there are major signs in which the affected guy can find it himself and it can be noticed from the people around him and we can mention one like: the inability to talk with others and the fear of criticism and mocking ,Fear of reading in front of people or even just few of them, avoidance of attending wedding ceremonies and birthdays because of the fear of the people ‘s looks towards him or talking to him, avoidance of talking in the cellular phone in front of others and putting the phone mode on silent or even shutting it off completely to avoid the embarrassing situations, not to pr-active in social activities whether in the university or work or even in the house too, fear of asking about something so as not to get embarrassed , avoid eating or drinking in restaurants or might go to a restaurant but sit in one of the corners to avoids people’s eyes on him while eating, sitting in the back seats in the meetings , lectures or theatres to avoid feeling that people are looking at him.

Do you know that 70% of the people are having this infirmity but with a varying proportions, and it might just be very low proportion in which it might not be felt, unlike some people who can get effected significantly , and do you know that the people who are suffering from the social phobia around 80% of them are suffering from other (Psychological) mental illness as we stated before?

What are the symptoms of the social phobia?

Social phobia symptoms are classified to psychiatric and physical symptoms.

The psychiatric symptoms: they are the symptoms that accompanies this case and increases till it turns to be diseases and mental disorders like: feeling insecurity, tension and worry, losing self confidence, shaking and panic, hesitating in taking decisions, the social isolation, getting tired from work and lower productivity.

The physical symptoms: increase in heart palpitations , feeling tired and fatigue quickly, feeling pain in some parts of the body, lack of concentration, weakness of memory, dizziness, dyspnea and increase in the blood pressure.

Those are some symptoms which accompanies the person who is suffering from the social phobia and those reasons can vary from a person to the other depends on the strength of the case, its degree and the age of the person..

 Social phobia

What are the reasons of the social phobia?

Some scientists and doctors mentioned that this case has particular reasons experienced by the patient himself in an earlier age and it accompanies him till the age of the puberty and some of them has faced situations in his life which can’t be forgotten and it has a negative impact on him specially in the childhood in which we can mention that this is the difficult start to build the person and promote his self confidence in the adulthood, the kid who can’t read in front of others will face a real difficulties to read in front of others also when he gets older and it will become a fear by age , and who ever didn’t sit and talk in front of his friends it will be difficult for him for sure in the subsequent years-old , and here comes the role of the family in building this small kid and removing all the small fears from him so it doesn’t get bigger in the subsequent years.

Yes..The family rule is really big in the education because of its positive and negative impact for the baby’s ages,..violence, flogging and mockery put fear ,reduction and poor self confidence in the child and this is the most negative reason in building the personality.

On the contrary the feeling of the peace of mind and the over tenderness gives the kid his self confidence,opinion and self-assertion and talking like his friends because there is always who is giving him the absolute protection and comfort so you can see the child in the beginning doesn’t care about anything because there Is always who can take care better than him..

Those are some reasons which accompanies the child from his childhood till his youth and which affects the build and the refine of his personality, but the surprise is in another reason which is (the failure)

Failure also is one of the most important reasons for the fear because of its negative impact on the future of the individual life , because the human by his nature can think, make and create but in the end sometimes he collides with the failure , some talented people has this capacity, he fears of failing in his work, study ,creations, inventions and everything, failure creates in him the worry , tension and hesitation so he can’t move a step forward till it becomes his capacity and his disease can increase and develops till it becomes mental illness and the reason for that is fear of other people.

Who do you fear?!! Who is waiting for your failure?!! Aren’t you like them?!!

Yes..These are the reasons which destroys our life early and destroys our happiness if we didn’t find the solution or the appropriate treatment till we get rid of that disease which is the key of Psychological or mental illness..

The social fear and its treatment 

We already found that for each case of the previous cases there is a reason and if the reasons is reversed this will be the treatment, briefly if your fear people so you have to face them and if you are suffering from a specific problem so you have to set yourself free from that problem as soon as you can and you must break this psychological barrier.

The psychiatrist in that case will not treat you and I will tell you honestly he will not give you except some medicine and sedatives which will let you feel lazy and sleepy and will give you some instructions which will help you to change the course of your life and beat this problem, just be confident that the treatment will not be except from yourself and here are some tips for you and it is from a real experiments of people who changed their cases because of their strength and continuation only:

A- Be sure that other people are not looking at you in the negative way that you think and make sure that you are the only one who is thinking in that way.

B- try when you speak just think only about the subject which you are talking about and try to concentrate in it as much as you can , think even in a moment that these people around you are not existing and they have no value and plant the confidence in yourself in that time and take courage

C- try to begin your talk with a smile and joke and make people smile for you and that will reduce the tension and remove the barrier of fear from the beginning..

D- inhale the fresh air and take a deep breath if you felt any tension or confusion

E- you have to always feel self confident and tell yourself that you are strong enough to beat any problem in the most difficult times

F- try to have a plan always in which you can go hiking in the gardens and walk at night during the week and daily for at least 2 hours.

G- try not to spend all the time in your house and don’t be isolated alone in it specially in your void time

H- don’t convince yourself to failure but just say I didn’t succeed yet, I am telling you honestly if you fear from failure so you are talented more than some other people and you have to continue till you reach your goal

I- begin with drawing your future and plan for it even for years…Because in the end you will succeed and the people will say that you succeeded.

J- learn from your mistakes and don’t blame yourself and don’t give up till you do what you want, just have self confidence in yourself

 in the end you don’t need to waste other years of your life because you choose the isolation from people and you don’t want to waste the happy moments in your life while you are with your family or your kids or even yourself..Put a limit to that and from here you have to know that you are your own doctor, just have confidence in yourself..

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