Stop panic attacks

  10-20% is the percentage of the people who are living with this disease but it varies  by the intensity , age and sex and it is a problem which has to be remedied as soon as possible because of its negative impact on the person himself.

What are the panic attacks

Panic attacks is a form of anxiety because of its interaction and strong correlation between them in the symptoms , the causes and the impaction as well,as it is a severe medical condition and very annoying to its owner, either it might be associated with a case or incident in the past or might be another psychological issue such as the fear of enclosed or opened places or may be associated with a specific case as the obsessive-compulsive disorder, it’s a state of fear infect humans of all ages, especially those in their thirty’s and it comes as a shape of a panic and sudden fear in some minutes and reaches its peak in 10 minutes and on average reaches 20 minutes of time, this case comes to some affected people frequently, daily, weekly, even monthly and it can come many times in the same day in varying and sudden times and for the women it is way more than for men due to the difference in characteristics and the natural formation for both sexes


~Panic attacks are associated with other psychological conditions such as anxiety , depression and obsessive – compulsive disorder
~ Panic disorders comes like panic attacks but periodically recurring

The adrenaline and its activity

Alerts related to the situation experienced by the individual at the time of recall a situation in the past or situation he is currently going through it so the mind send alerts to the adrenal gland for the presence of emergency event for the person, so whereupon these glands through those alerts norepinephrine the adrenaline hormone  which in turn works on the speed and the flow of the blood and increase in the heart rate down to the brain and muscles because of the position must be disposed of, which increases the movement of the person and the brain begins to activate the mental cells and the rest of the cells in the body so the person becomes in a position where he feels turmoil and get intense fear of something and this awe increases for longer than usual in a time exceeds the two minutes till the end of those messages which has been sent by the mind to the competent glands, especially the adrenal glands to end that situation experienced by the person and end the state of emergency which happened suddenly and without warning

 Stop panic attacks

Causes of panic attacks:

as we mentioned with our definition of this disease , it is closely linked to a psychiatric anxiety as the fear of enclosed or open spaces , this is beside the past which passed by the patient and the events he passed by in sometime of his life which have remained the same in effect for several years, where a person is at once exposed to this attacks as soon as he passes by a situation he got affected by it in the past… one of the people who tells his story and says that he used to get punished by his parents by jailing him in one of the small rooms in his beautiful house and for hours up to 6 hours and the door closed….he is saying that he used to shout and tell when the room gets darker but in vain, he continues saying now I cant step up to the upper floors in the big buildings because I fear the elevator which I have passed with an experience with it when it suddenly stopped and I began to move abnormally searching for a hope in the elevator , I felt dizziness ,difficulty in breathing and shaking , just want to get out by any way

we also have to mention that genetic factor plays a role in the transition of this disease within the relatives and that according to studies and scientific researches, the first-degree relatives got affected by the panic disorders with a percentage between 20-70% with a presence of genes from parents and grandparents which allows the transition of this gene to sons even grandsons in the same family

Symptoms of panic attacks:

the patient feels with symptoms and physical effects accompanies him in the time when the issue starts and in the time it doesn’t start some can be diagnosed and some cant be diagnosed by the medical examination and we can mention the following :

Accompanying symptoms of the situation as they occur:

-Dizziness and fainting with a percentage of 10% of the people affected

-Blood palpitations and a significant increase in heart beats

-Chest, muscles and joints pain in different places of the body

-Sweating, dry throat and lips

-Attempt to escape from the incident, flee and find a safe place

symptoms which is not accompanied to the situation when occur:

the patient feels symptoms that is hard for the doctor to diagnose or know the reason behind these symptoms…as pain and disorders of the stomach, chest pain, hardening of the arteries of the blood and the heart and recurring headache

some patients visit the hospitals and the medical centres to detect the cause of the aches and pains but after the diagnoses and x-rays , the doctors cant find a reason for that pain and cant diagnose it and it is a truth, so they give the patient some pain-killing medications and treatments that doesn’t do any thing ,,

some of them knows about the mental illness and its sickness and converts the patient to a psychiatrist


Treatment for panic attacks

there is no doubt that this situation needs quite some time for the patient to get recovered gradually and this period of time extends to several months and may be several years , depends on the situation.

the focus is on drugs and atypical antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants treatment is the main treatments that the psychiatrist dispense to the patient after the study of his condition and the reason of this case with all its details because it is really important and helpful in the treatment of the patient in the shortest period also in addition to behavioral therapy and training pursued by the patient and his family under the supervision of a physician of relaxation to reduce the occupancy of thought and mind and avoiding reminding the patient with stuff which raise his memory and motivating the patient to be strong and to resist and disperses his thoughts immediately and not to comply with this illusions at the moment of occurance, stay and communicate with the patient and always ready to help him in any time until his treatment is progressed by 60%. So the doctor he is the one who determines the degree of the disease for the person and writing prescriptions for medications which helps the patient to overcome his issue as well as the family education and behavioral therapy of the family along with the patient and constant contact with the doctor in the eradication of this  disease.

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