16 steps to treat depression


Although drug therapy is very important in the treatment of depression, don’t forget that behavioral therapy competes in importance to eliminate these disorders.  Therefore, there are many behavioral remedial steps have positive results which greatly help in getting rid of depression.  These steps are:

1. Maintaining a positive behavior and attitude in all the work you do allows you to convince yourself that your mood will improve and you are going to be better in a while.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating and exercise,… Continue reading

The Relation Between love and Anxiety disorders

The Relationship Between love and Anxiety disorders

Love is the most sublime feeling of the life that we live & feel.  How life would be without love?

What does love have to do with our psychological status?  How can love be the enemy of the human after it was his best Friend?

Love is a state of extreme passion and desire that infects humans at a period of time in life, and it’s directed toward someone or as a reaction to some kind of act.  The human psychological and physical feeling could bring tranquility… Continue reading

How do you know if you have depression ?



Answer all the questions below to decide in the event you are experiencing depression. If you answer (Yes) to at least (FIVE) of the following statements, you may be suffering from depression. In the event you answer (YES) to all of the following statements, you are definitely experiencing depression & you need to seek professional help. See a doctor or a counselor before the depression gets worse.

No.1I feel mournful & blue most of the time.


No.2 –  I… Continue reading