The Relation Between love and Anxiety disorders

The Relationship Between love and Anxiety disorders

Love is the most sublime feeling of the life that we live & feel.  How life would be without love?

What does love have to do with our psychological status?  How can love be the enemy of the human after it was his best Friend?

Love is a state of extreme passion and desire that infects humans at a period of time in life, and it’s directed toward someone or as a reaction to some kind of act.  The human psychological and physical feeling could bring tranquility and satisfaction or pain and suffering…

Love between a mother and her child:

This stage of love starts at the first year of the child’s age and continues through adolescence.  Parents do all they can in order to provide protection and prevention in this sensitive period that will affect the child’s personality in the future.  Due to the presence of adequate protection which the child found from his mother or his parents together the child matures believing that this affection will accompany him throughout his life and will become a permanent requirement for him to manage the burdens of life, solve his own problems and without the help of his parent he will not be able to function naturally and this will limit his abilities with people to function.

This kind of love is becomes the person worst enemy. Unlimited affection has an extreme negative impact on the construction of the child’s personality, and it will affect the course of his life in the distant future.  He will develop many psychological disorders such as anxiety when they lose a parent, fear of the unknown, weaknesses and a lack of personality.  But do not forget the lack of love has the same negative impact on the child in the distant future.  This child has suffered the same

psychological trauma and may need to have some affection which was supposed to be provided to him from the beginning of his childhood. He may be causing acts of violence in order to compensate for the shortage of affection, which was lost in the past.  We caution parents not to be overly affectionate but also not to fail their children in a stable and emotionally healthy upbringing.  A good education will also help the child in building their personality their behavioral development.

Love between the couple:

This is the hardest period in human life, which begins in the adolescence period and continues into advanced adulthood.  Humans by nature are passionate and eager to find love and express those feelings with someone.  The presence of such feelings adds a special taste to life and makes it remarkable; on the contrary, the lack of such feeling during the early adolescence and adult years could cause difficult emotional problems that manifest into mental disorders with the passage of time.  Additional emotions that affect the person could be from a break up of the relationship or the death of a lover.

Who among us has not experienced this type of situation? But are we strong enough to handle the loss of love? Not everyone can handle this….This is due to the natural composition of the person, and the persons’ age and how long he has been going through this experience.  But what’s the reason for this?

Human skin contains almost 5 million cells, which are extremely sensitive.  During the moments of passion and desire, touching the person we are in love with makes skin cells send a gentle and soft signal to the brain through the spinal cord. The brain releases norepinephrine hormones, which affect satisfaction and a feeling of security.  These hormones also work to relieve anxiety, tension and fear and to strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure.  The hormone endorphin is responsible for peace of mind and calming the nerves, which in turn increases the level of serotonin that is responsible for the feeling of happiness and alleviates depression.  All this activity occurring only when you see the beloved and touching, and so … imagine how bad it will be to lose these vital steroids secreted by the body and determining what our body is experiencing when we lose our beloved one.

It is advisable by psychiatrists to examine your partner and their responsiveness before falling in love and not to develop any relationship that doesn’t lead to marriage in order to avoid psychiatric pains that may accompany the person and could disrupt his life and accompanies it forever.

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