Think of success before failure

I am quite sure that you faced this problem before and you were frustrated at that time and you didn’t want to progress with any step leads you to success but you should know that there is a thread between you and your success and you have to cut it.

Don’t blame it on others. Or on the circumstances around you…or your family and friends.. you only manage yourself and not them specially in that point. The point of failure and success… you have to know that they may affect you but not manage you.

To all who suffer social anxiety ..suffer from frustration….suffer from depression and to all those who suffer from anxiety…am reminding them with the words of the philosopher Descartes “ all people are equal in their wisdom, but differ in how to use it

If you fear of people so you are creative that’s why you fear of criticism…if you are frustrated so you tried and you didn’t succeed yet…if you were depressed so you think a lot about your past which you regret it of course and you need to go back with time to correct it.

Don’t say I can’t and don’t say it’s impossible, you have to forget these words and go our from this dark circle which will not lead you to what you want, the success is a failure after a failure then failure then success and at this time you will know it and you will feel the taste of success.

The past will never return so stop thinking about it , you have days and years and a future coming up which should be shiny as you want it to be and as you plan for it, don’t be from those people who put the failure in front of their eyes and behind them but be one of those who raise their heads and put their goals in front of their eyes and want to start, don’t give up while you still in the beginning of the road but continue and look for what you did and you will see the results of your work will appear even after years but make a goal in your life and work for it.


Do you to get out from the depression mode you are living you want to plan for your life. If you have a plan for the change so follow these steps with me :

  1. You have to be serious in ending the anxiety and the depression which you experience and begin a new life.
  2. You have to sit with yourself for some time so you can get the ability to analyze the past days in your life.
  3. You have to set yourself a goal you want to access it with zero tolerance to this point, which is considered the most important point.
  4. Explore yourself and know your skills which you are a master in it and you can do a lot with it even if it is small, the person is full of skills which needs someone to explore it.
  5. Take advantage of your past experience well, the one who is searching for success doesn’t stumble past mistakes.
  6. Be positive and manage your plans with positive people whom you trust them.
  7. Place the outline of what you want to do and abide by a program even for just one hour daily and that depends on your study of the scheme.
  8. You have to believe in and love what you are doing and if not so choose another thing you love to do.
  9. Not to surrender and not to weakness from the beginning of the road and don’t create excuses , this is if you want to be successful
  10. Try to read some books on success, failure and the self-development and the best of these books is (awaken the giant within)


These are some points which I hope that you concentrated in it to know the right path as some other people who have already knew it,they are not better than you by any ways, and from here you have to start your first step on the ladder of success..


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