Understanding Anxiety Disorder NOS

Anxiety Disorder NOS ” Not Otherwise Specified “

There are many people who experience problems with a variety of different types of disorders that can create distress and leave them feeling panicked or anxious; however, for some people, their anxious feelings cannot be attributed to a specific type of disorder. For example, some individuals suffer from specific phobias or experience panic attacks when faced with certain situations. While these conditions are definitely distressing and can even be debilitating, there are some people with NOS or not otherwise specified anxiety disorders who are left feeling overwhelmed and depressed because they have no idea what is behind their feelings of anxiousness. This is the type of condition that can leave an individual suffering in silence. Unfortunately, with no clear determination regarding the specific nature of the feelings of fear or panic, it can be an extremely difficult type of situation to manage. Of course, depression is often a major complicating factor, especially when a person with NOS is left undiagnosed and untreated. The day-to-day fear that a panic attack will erupt or that something will happen to cause the individual to become extremely anxious and overwhelmed can keep them from enjoying even the most basic pleasures in life. The person suffering with NOS can often be difficult to diagnose. Typically, elimination of other specific disorders is the first step in an accurate diagnosis. In fact, patients are often anxious or phobic, displaying avoidance behavior, as well as depression, but do not fit neatly into a specific disorder. Treatment options range from various medications to psychotherapy, or a combination of both. Psychotherapy can involve desensitization, such as allowing the individual to visualize the situation that causes them excessive fear or anxiousness, but using a controlled environment including relaxation techniques. Through repeated practice, the fear can become more manageable. There are also other types of psychotherapy that can be used to overcome the debilitating fear. Additionally, some patients benefit from the use of medications in addition to psychotherapy. Pharmacotherapy is often used in together with other therapies, especially when depression or mood disorders are present.

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